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Download your FREE
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“Alicia’s incredible expertise, energy and sense-of-urgency is tough to beat! She just inspires you to make your goals and vision happen. Her Amazon Bestseller Campaign and self-publisher coaching program are best-in-class! She will exceed your expectations! I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is committed to success and wants to learn the ins and outs for the world of publishing, social media, promoting, marketing and Amazon!”

Leanne Grechulk

Author of 30 Days to Wealth and Founder of

“When I first started working with Alicia Dunams, I didn’t have a Book (although I had a lot of great ideas) — and, frankly, I hadn’t given any consideration as to how I would market one if I did.

However, since I started to work with Alica as my Coach, I have completed my first book (she had me partner with a ghost writer: God knows I needed one) and am working on my second book, designed book covers for both books, and I am in the process of releasing the first book.

Her methods and network of professional have drastically increased my efficiency. For example, she has overcome my tendency to procrastinate by identifying affordable, highly skilled professionals: such as a ghost writer and a book cover designer. While those may sound like simple things, those steps helped me get a quick turnaround time on much higher quality products than I could ever have produced.

Alica’s expertise on the book producing process — from A to Z — really helped me go from having a good idea to executing a great plan.

I highly recommend Alicia Dunams if you truly want to turn your ideas into a book; and your book into a business.”

Dr. Shane Perrault

Author of The Uncivil War and the eBook Focus

“Alicia has made my dream of editing and publishing a revised version of my father’s 1970s best-selling cookbook a reality. The book has been out of print, but people kept asking were they could get a copy. Alicia not only helped me republish, but she has partnered with celebrity chefs to contribute additional modern recipes to make the book updated and expanded. Alicia is really a go-getter and has made this job seemless. I highly recommend her for her action, business smarts, go-getter attitude, and large network of industry experts….”

Pete Carcione

“Alicia Dunams helped me write an Amazon Bestselling book. Within months of its release, I was featured on Fox News and was booked as a featured speaker for the NAACP national event. Writing a book has increased my platform as a international speaker and figure. If you want to increase your platform and market your business, I highly recommend writing a book with Alicia. She has been such a pivotal figure in my success.”

Shelene Atanacio

“Working with Alicia Dunams has been an absolute pleasure. She is the fire under my butt. She holds me accountable, pushes my productivity, and convinces me of my worth. These are no small tasks! She has brought my business to a greater level of currency, professionalism, credibility, and preparedness for all good things to come. I highly recommend her services.”

Dr. Regalena Melrose

“Alicia Dunams is the most fantastic book coach – she challenged me to write and publish a book that I had been sitting on for years, and helped me become a #1 Amazon Bestseller. I recommend anyone who wants to write a book to work with Alicia, as her vision, advice, and know-how will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.”

Britt Michaelian

“Alicia Dunams helped me become a published author and, due to this, my business website traffic 10-fold! We have been featured on 20/20, CNN, Good Morning America, and the cover of the New York Times. Authoring a book was a game-changer in my business.”

Brandon Wade

“Writing a book has increased credibility for us and our message – doors are opening to increased publicity and now our message hits a strong note with the new generation, non-profits and new economy businesses. Alicia stays on top of the ever-chang9ing rules of engagement necessary to not only publish a book, but what is necessary today to ge tthe word out there. She is committed to her clients’ success.”

Michael Houlihan

New York Times Bestseller
Former CEO of Barefoot WineConnectingWith the In Crowd

“I am ever grateful to Alicia Dunams, (Founder of Bestseller in a Weekend and The Book Funnel) my business coach and motivator who encourages and continually puish thye boundaries of my comfort zone. I coulsn’t have asked for a more competent, inspiring, and engaged coach. Her team was there to guide me every step of the way. If you are thinking of writing a book and want coaching from the best, I give Alicia Dunams my highest recommendation.”

Dr. Tracy Tomasky

Leadership Coach

“Alicia Dunams has a powerhouse team capable of providing tremendous support to authors. Since I began working with her, I have been able to use her team to help me complete two business books. One book instantly became an Amazon Bestseller, and one that is set to be published by a traditional publisher. Her professional publishing team of editors and website designers makes the book packaging process seamless. I would recommend Alicia and her team to anyone who is ready to write a book and become a bestseller.”

Bridgette Chambers

Entrepreneur, Author , and Speaker

“I have to say I don’t beleive I would have gotten this book done without Alicia’s Guidanc. It started with her program Bestseller in a Weekend all the way through, The Book Funnel, Amazon book marketing strategies which worked – it becamea #1 bestseller on the day it launched. The book resulted in additional revenue opportunities with new clients and speaking opportunities. I now have other books in the works. Alicia is exceptional! Work with her.”

Michele Ruiz

Author of Content Marketing for Lawyers: How Attorneys Can Use Social Media Strategies to Attract MoreClients and Become Thought Leaders

“Writing non-fiction books has been a significant marketing srtrategy four our business, and has increased our media platform with appearnces on 20/20, The New York Times, and CNN, just to name a few. I’ve written 3 books with Alicia’s support – her strategies work!”

Brandon Wade

CEO of InfoStreams Group

“Amazon consistently ranks me as one ofthe top 500 best selleing authors yearround. Alicia’s valuable advice helped me get there and helps me stay there.”

Victor Cheng

CEO of Fast Forward Media and Executive Coach

Featured Books

We’ve worked with over 2,000 authors in 15 years. Here are the books we’ve worked on (including New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestsellers.

The Barefoot Spirit
by Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Hatvey

Case Interview Secrets
by Victor Cheng

Living on the Skinny Branches: Five Tools to Creating Power, Freedom and a Life Worth Living
by Michael Strasner

Rezone and Grow Rich: Millionaire Real Estate Developer Teaches You How To Create Wealth, Health and Happiness
by Micheal E. Bash

From the Court to the Boardroom
by Lisa Leslie and Bridgette Chambers

A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology
by Bob Coppedge

The Force Multiplier: How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins
by Tony Chatman

Yes, I Have Herpes: A Gynecologist’s Perspective In and Out of the Stirrups
by Dr. Sheila Loanzon, DO

Connecting with the ‘IN’ Crowd: How to Network, Hang Out, and Play with Millionaires Online
by Brandon Wade

The Conscious And Courageous Leader: Developing Your Authentic Voice to Lead and Inspire Paperback
by Dr. Tracy Tomasky

Profitable Problem Solving™: Turn Problems into Opportunities and Change, Grow and Save Your Business
By Bridgette Chambers

The Black MANual: Less Drama, More Love — a Single Woman’s Guide to Choosing Mr. Right.
by Dr. Shane Perrault

Fat Hurts: Your Guide to Personal Transformation After Weight Loss Surgery
by Tiza Pyle, PhD

What’s Your Price?: The Online Dating Auction
by Adam Gilad

Stand Tall, Don’t Fall: Improve Your Posture, Balance and Strength
by Bill Case, PT

Content Marketing for Lawyers
By Michelle Ruiz

Fortune is in the Follow-Up®: Five Power Strategies to Grow Your Business
by Heidi BK Sloss

Hired For Youth – Fired For Age: Taking Charge of Your Career at 50+
by Reynold Lewke

The Art of Acknowledgement: Sacred Words That Elevate The Human Spirit
by Margo Majdi

The 60 Seconds Fix
By Regalena Melrose, PhD

Skirt Working
How to Network Using SKIRT
by Michelle Alberda, Michelle Balog, and Stacey Fleece

Too Busy To Get Busy: How to Fix Your (Almost) Sexless Relationship
by Jane Guyn, PhD, RN

We Do
Wedding Vows that Work
(And Keep You Happily Married)
by Rev. Dr. Rob Hundley

Transform Your Life: 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity
by Chris Lee

Structured for Success: The 9-Point System to Create Breakthrough Business Results
by Karen Logan

Girl From The Hood Gone Good: One Woman’s Mission To Help Others Overcome A Pain Filled Past
by Ana Maria Sanchez

Transforma Tu Vida: 10 Principios De Abundancia Y Prosperidad (Spanish Edition)
by Chris Lee

The Culture Of Open: Transforming Your Business Through Transparency, Truth & Trust
by Nick Berg

The Evolutionary Leader
By Tomothy J. Carroll

High Hopes
By Jaclyn Jhin

Evolution by God
Creating Peace and Harmony Between Religion and Science
By Michael E. Bash

Find More Strength
5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness
By Pamela Palladino Gold

The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing
By Ramon Rey

Breaking the Glass Slipper
By Elaine Turner

Cannabis Inc.
How to Profit from the World’s Most Controversial Plant
By Danielle Davenport, MS
With Lauren Shufran, PhD

The Fly Formula
By Pam Lozano

From Bad to Badass Leader
By Michelle D. Reines

Unleash Your Pitching Velocity
By Dr. Chris McKenzie

The MSP’s Survival Guide to Co-Managed IT Services
By Bob Coppedge

Foster Your Passion
By Hayley Foster

Don’t Run Out of Money
How to Plan and Invest for Retirement Success
By David J. Seibel

The FITT Solution
4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You!
By Rhonda Liebig, AADP

Sisterhood in the Workplace
Women Helping Women to Succeed
By Jaclyn Jhin

Let’s Start a Cult
The Power of Radical Belief
By Braxton Amundson

The Secret Language of Healthcare
How to Ask for the Care You Deserve
By Robin L Shapiro

Become a Content Brand
By Chris Carter

Animal Energy Therapy Project
By Anne-Frans Van Vliet

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life: Lessons of Love, Leadership and Transformation
By Garrain Jones

The Evolution of Dreamweaver: 7 Steps To Delivering On Your Dreams
by Crystal Dawn Church

Misfit Marketing for Restaurants: How to Acquire, Retain, and Track Guests
by Brett Linkletter, Jace Kovacevich

Seeking The Sun Through The Storm: The Stroke That Saved My Life
by Donnie Edison

Learning and Development in Practice: How to Create Training Programs That Make an Impact
by Nazanin Tadjbakhsh Ph.D.

I Get To 
How Using the Right Words Can Radically Transform Your Life, Relationships, & Business
By Alicia Dunams

Lion at Heart: Discovering Courage and Greatness Within
by Kai Hayes

A Tale by Fire: a meditative picture book
by John David Buell

WholeSam: The Food Truck Recipes
by Sami Udell

You’ll Never …: The Journey to What is Possible Through Self-Advocacy by Maria Mastrodicasa

Home Alive -SECOND EDITION: 11 Must Steps for Surviving Encounters with the Police
by Geoffrey Mount Varner MD

Branding Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building Your Brand
by Thoranna Jonsdottir

It Started with a Green Dress: Overcoming Sexual Stigma
by Destiny Maria

Marketing Systems Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur’s Guide to Setting Up an Effective Marketing System
by Thoranna Jonsdottir

Marketing Systems Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur’s Guide to Setting Up an Effective Marketing System
by Thoranna Jonsdottir